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Learning Organization

How to become a Learning Organization in 2022

Learning organization is the next step in the corporate Learning & Development evolution. Simply speaking, these are organizations committed to employee educational growth and fostering a knowledge-building culture. We often hear about several...

Online Data Science Bootcamps

8 Best Online Data Science Bootcamps of 2022

The world today is entirely run using data. Every click and action is recorded for interpretation using data to build predictive models and algorithms. These models help in understanding and shaping the world. Hence, one can conclude that the single...

Online School

How to Start a Successful Online School in 2022

Due to the widespread pandemic, online learning has gained immense popularity as an alternative to in-person learning. One of the most frequently asked questions is How to start an online school in 2022. Starting an online school in 2022 has become...

30 Best Online Course Platforms of 2022

30 Best Online Course Platforms of 2022

Are you looking to grow your business, create a community or earn revenue by selling courses online? Then, using one of the best online course platforms is a good idea. They have ready-made infrastructure built to make it easy, fast, and profitable...

Collaborative Learning Tools

Best Collaborative Learning Tools for 2022

Collaborative learning is an educational method in which a group of people joins together to learn a new skill, solve a problem, or even create a service or a product.  When done properly, collaborative learning improves relationships across...

Instructor-led Training

What is Virtual Instructor-led Training?

The world is rapidly moving online. From shopping online to paying bills online, and now even working remotely. A recent study by UNCTAD shows that people are now using online mediums more frequently to make purchases, read news, and learn. Besides...