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Collaborative learning

Collaborative Learning: Make Learning Active and Interactive

The net spending on workplace training now amounts to over 200 billion USD. That is huge! However, statistics report that the completion rates of online courses are between 20-30%. It hints that somewhere something is not working in the right way...

Learning and development

Learning and Development: The Ultimate Guide

Commonly known as ‘training and development’ in the Human Resource, Learning and Development has become an essential element of any company. Its primary purpose is to ensure that the employees are up-to-date with critical skills and...

HR training tools

15 Best HR Training Tools in 2021

In the ever-growing corporate world, the task of recruiting and then training employees can be fairly tedious. Especially when there is new innovation every other day, one needs to keep their employees updated. To make the lives of HR managers...

online school

10 Most Innovative Online Schools in 2021

Online Schools have made acquiring new skills easier than ever. Whether you are a newbie looking for a direction or a mid-career professional looking to diversify their skill-set, they seem to have something for everyone. Companies now also look for...

Learning Experience Platforms

What is a Learning Experience Platform? A 2021 Guide.

The eLearning industry is ever-evolving. Something new keeps popping every now and then. It can be a tad difficult to keep up with swarms of these new terms and breakthroughs. One such new concept is the Learning Experience Platform aka LXPs. There...