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Instructional Design Courses

10 Best Instructional Design Courses in 2021

If you search for the ‘hottest online jobs’, you will find Instructional Designer on top of the list. That is because Instructional design (ID) as a field shapes all the other professional jobs. ID does everything from designing a system...

Online teaching tools

10 Best Online Teaching Tools For Course Creators

With the rise in popularity of online courses, competition is getting tougher for amateur creators. Creating a quality course is tough enough, but making it affordable and unique is a bigger challenge. Well, great news for all the course creators:...

Teach Live Online Classes

How to Teach Live Online Classes: The Ultimate Guide

Technology has revolutionized learning. With the advent of the Internet, education found itself a whole new trajectory – the world of E-learning. Now people can even teach Live online classes and recreate the experience of being in a classroom...

Best LMS for Cohort Based Courses

Best LMS for Cohort Based Courses

A good LMS for cohort based courses facilitate the creation of an online school by applying the cohort-based learning model straight away, without having to build the software infrastructure from scratch. Learning management systems (LMS) are...

Online live academy

How to Start An Online Live Academy in 2021

Online learning platforms are in high demand. Given the educational affordability and accessibility that they provide, this comes as no surprise. Analysts suspect that by 2025, the E-learning market will experience a 200% increase in its revenue...

edtech blog

8 Best EdTech Blogs to Follow in 2021

According to Holon IQ, the global EdTech industry has the potential to reach the $404 Billion benchmark by 2025. This trend comes after the prolonged Covid crisis. Where the pandemic has left the global economy in tatters, it has provided an...