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Atika Qasim

Atika Qasim is a professional writer passionate about innovation and online education. She writes for the best Edtech blogs. She has been in the internet marketing industry for 10+ years and specializes in Edtech marketing.

Collaborative learning

Collaborative Learning: Make Learning Active and Interactive

The net spending on workplace training now amounts to over 200 billion USD. That is huge! However, statistics report that the completion rates of online courses are between 20-30%. It hints that somewhere something is not working in the right way...

Learning Experience Platforms

What is a Learning Experience Platform? A 2021 Guide.

The eLearning industry is ever-evolving. Something new keeps popping every now and then. It can be a tad difficult to keep up with swarms of these new terms and breakthroughs. One such new concept is the Learning Experience Platform aka LXPs. There...

Online Blended Learning in the Cohort-Based Courses Era

In this day and age, when online learning is in trend, many have become familiar with online blended learning. Whether you know it or not, chances are, you have come across this learning method. After all, it is impossible not to in the digital age...

Instructional Design Courses

10 Best Instructional Design Courses in 2021

If you search for the ‘hottest online jobs’, you will find Instructional Designer on top of the list. That is because Instructional design (ID) as a field shapes all the other professional jobs. ID does everything from designing a system...

Online teaching tools

10 Best Online Teaching Tools For Course Creators

With the rise in popularity of online courses, competition is getting tougher for amateur creators. Creating a quality course is tough enough, but making it affordable and unique is a bigger challenge. Well, great news for all the course creators:...