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Federico Schiano DI Pepe

Federico is the founder of Teachfloor, in 2017 he was on the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe list. He has written for major magazines such as Huffington Post, Forbes and Inc. He is passionate about innovation and online education.

Online Data Science Bootcamps

8 Best Online Data Science Bootcamps of 2022

The world today is entirely run using data. Every click and action is recorded for interpretation using data to build predictive models and algorithms. These models help in understanding and shaping the world. Hence, one can conclude that the single...

online school

10 Most Innovative Online Schools in 2022

Online Schools have made acquiring new skills easier than ever. Whether you are a newbie looking for a direction or a mid-career professional looking to diversify their skill-set, they seem to have something for everyone. Companies now also look for...

Best Online Coding Bootcamps

20 Best Online Coding Bootcamps of 2022

Recently, online coding Bootcamps have seen a rise in their popularity. With the digitization of the world, the demand for web developers has gone up. Hence making it one of the most coveted professions of 2022 with a promising income. With the...

Peer Learning – The Future of Online Education

Ever since COVID19 took over the world, online classes have surged to a record high. Although, even before the pandemic, the Edtech industry was seemingly on the rise. According to World Economic Forum, the market for online education is expected to...

best cohort based courses

8 Best Cohort Based Courses of 2022

What are Cohort-Based Courses? Cohort-based courses are the future of education. With the world still caught up in the whirlpool of Covid19, learning has found this new medium to thrive on. The term ‘cohort’ means a group of people who...

Cohort Based Course

Cohort Based Course: the complete guide 2022

What is an Online Cohort Based Course? An Online Cohort Based Course is a collaborative-focused learning method: a cohort is a group of students moving simultaneously through a given curriculum. For Online Cohort Based Course we mean lessons that...